Friday, June 4, 2010

Portable Blogging Is My Friend

As much as I love Twitter for its portability, I'm beginning to like blogging as well. I haven't posted as much as I thought I would, for various reasons, but I think that may change. While exploring the software catalog for my handheld a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a blogging program for it. I installed it and promptly forgot about it. That's standard for me, especially when I install software around sunrise.

Yesterday, I found the program again. Which is good, because I've been waiting to blog, but haven't had much time on my laptop. Or at least time where I haven't been doing a million other things at once.

It's been an interesting time period since my last blog. Aside from the time issue, I also wanted to keep my last blog near the top of the list, since the glitch I hit doesn't seem to have a resolution forthcoming any time soon. I've lost count of the follow requests I've gotten since this started, but it's quite a few.

But now I've got portable blogging. If it's anything like the twitter client I found, I may have to charge my handheld in a different room at night to make sure I don't get less sleep than I usually do.

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