Monday, June 28, 2010

Rediscovering Lost Hobbies

It might be hard to believe, but I have hobbies that don't involve electronics. One of them is engraving and staining glass. For the past year or so, however, I'd had to give it up due to limited space.

Our space issues have recently been resolved, luckily. So earlier, I was in my work area with some glass and the engraver. And I hadn't really noticed until I got started marking out the design just how much I missed it. I can't believe I actually gave it up for that long. At this rate, though, I'm thinking I need some way to give away or sell the finished product. I give some away as holiday presents, but since I've missed so much time, I'm thinking I'm going to have a lot more stuff than I have people to give it to.

So I have a question, blogosphere. Any advice on running an online store?


  1. I have no advice. I'm unhelpful like that sometimes. But hooray for rediscovering a long-lost hobby. It's just like riding a bike again. Unless you never rode a bike in the first place. Then it's nothing like that.

  2. use etsy, at least to start. there are some super cheap, super helpful guides on there you can buy, as well as the info the site itself offers. there are also some consultanty kind of people. i guess they're like image consultants? for small, online retail? or maybe i'm just throwing out buzzwords in hopes of making some sense. sounds about right. BACK ON TRACK: those i-can't-adequately-describe-them people are part graphic designer, part actual web design, part sales consultant, part marketing director sort of people. so they'll help you with everything from coming up with a name to setting up paypal to designing your banners & avatars. you can find them on etsy, too. and, if going through etsy works well, you could always move to your own site, too, once you know more. tada!